Friday, March 10, 2006

Irresistable Considerations

How cute are they?

March Snow Fall Considerations

Lots to consider as Spring-anticipated dives deeply under a foot of fresh, clean powder. Back to the winter wonderland which makes this landscape so divine! Shannon, Java and I were able to get a lovely pre-work walk in this morning. The trees heavy with snow and everything so quiet! A scrumptious way to begin the day! Shannon even caught a few snapshots of the growing belly which friends have been asking about. I am feeling movement each day -- small flutterings right around the belly button. The kid seems most active around 4pm, so I sit at my desk each day in anticipation of these few moments. Feeling movement inside helps quell anxieties that creep in every so week we go in for the 23-week ultrasound and get to see kid up close and personal once again. We are terrifically excited for this!