Thursday, October 30, 2008


A friend sent me this photo recently taken at a pool party this summer, just days before Hope's arrival. It felt like a good representation of what's going on these days and what we have in store for us in the coming week:
1. We are off to HAWAII! Hopefully, I will look a little less rotund than in the photo...
2. We will be celebrating many birthdays -- my dad's 70th, my sister's 43rd and Shannon's 41st!
3. Henry's "mouth" has been prominent lately -- lots of talking, lots of singing, lots of new words and just poking through...two year molars!
4. And color...oh, Sandpoint looks beautiful this time of year! The autumn shades make me so happy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Book

I just came back from watching a webinar on leadership from the Center for Creative Leadership and in it the speaker discussed commitment and accountability. He talked about that time-tested truth that once we state a goal and enlist others in support of helping us achieve our goals, we are more likely to get there...

So...without divulging too much (can't have anyone steal the idea yet), I wanted to write today about the book that I will begin working on as my 2009 personal goal. I took a first step yesterday toward this intention and asked a colleague if she would be interested/willing to collaborate with me on it and she said yes! So, henceforth...I ask my blog readership to continuously inquire, "So, Diana, how is the book going?" in order to keep me honest with my commitment.

In the meantime, I am looking for any and all insights folks have on the following:
  • How do I get a book published? (This one will be a manager's resource type book)
  • Does anyone know of a kickin' graphic designer who wants an interesting book project?
  • Could anyone share a story about the best or worst manager you ever had?

More on this project as it unfolds...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn Fun

A pretty awesome weekend at the Green Bluff pumpkin patch and time with Purple Grandma. Henry was decidely thrilled by the tractors and we all enjoyed the fall colors and clean, autumnal air. Life is a busy buzz now that I am back at work full time, yet we are settling into new rhythms -- I even got myself back on the soccer field which feels like "coming home." We are on the eager countdown to Hawaii come the first of November...sun, surf and sand beckoning...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Stream of Consciousness Considerations

Watched Oprah yesterday with Billie Jean and Gloria Steinem and I have spent this morning considering our foremothers– the impact of those who fought against slavery, for the right of women to vote, for equal pay and equal access. Thinking also about postmodern feminists who eschew gender distinctions all together, considering this binary just one more ploy by the patriarchal hegemony to maintain male dominance. Considering motherhood – wondering if we have really “progressed” to arrive at the place where I can put the kids in daycare all day only to serve the corporate agenda and ensure I have a paycheck which allows me to be the good American consumer my government wants me to be. It is all a bit confusing…how and where I place value and the choices I make.

Wish today’s thoughts were a bit simpler, like the joy in Henry’s face watching the garbage truck come up the street this morning or Hope’s wide grin at 4am when I pulled her into our bed. Craving a moment of mental simplicity – a breath to settle into.

Monday, October 13, 2008

All Aboard!

Equidistant from Spokane and Sandpoint in the northeast corner of Washington State sits Ione, WA. Here, the Lion's Club sponsors a train ride through the changing autumn leaves 10 miles north to Mettaline Falls. The trip lasts about 1.5 hours and includes a stop high atop the train trestle overlooking Box Canyon Dam, a suspenseful few moments in the dark while tunneling through the mountain and the requisite train robbery (all proceeds fund the Children's Theater in Mettaline Falls). Henry was ecstatic about this adventure, though kept wanting to see the train, not understanding fully that he was actually on the train! our dear friend Margarete and Purple Grandma joined us on the adventure. Fun for all!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Hope

I couldn't resist!!!

Considering Harvests

With 3 pumpkins still on the vine and rhubarb not really worth the taking, the fall harvest is in. It was a pleasure having a garden this summer, despite our late start.  Buddy Barnes helped us get going with tomatoes and Shannon and I made a hasty & random selection of other starts to plant.  The results were satisfying indeed.  We had a plethora of diverse tomatoes all summer long, including prized yellow and red heirlooms and I got skilled in making salsa fresca from partially icky tomatoes and fresh jalapenos right off the plant.  A few lessons learned in the process:  cantalope and watermelon need to be planted much earlier, raccoons will find their way in even when you've tried to safeguard everything, and frost comes early in northern Idaho!

Another garden note for the season...we put out two bird feeders this year with oiled sunflower seeds and the birds in the vicinity went nuts!  In doing so, they spread the seed remnants all over the garden below and up sprung late-blooming sunflowers for all to enjoy.  I have noticed the bees getting particularly giddy at the sight of these big yellow wonders.  "Nice Teamwork," as Henry would say.  Indeed.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Back in Action...I think

Quick update as I pack up to leave work...I survived week one! As did Hope and the rest of the gang. We even managed to get Henry to gymnastics and swimming. What suffered? Well, some laundry did not get done, exercise went the way of summer and I realized today that I sometimes get so involved I forget to eat or use the toilet all day...geez, Di, balance!

But I did get turned on to Twitter... anyone else?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Three Months Old!

Cliche or not, it does go by so fast! I am back at work now...begrudgingly...yet Hope is in good hands, as she will be spending her days with Henry at Nicole and Miranda's house. The visit to the doctor today revealed the following stats:
Height: 24.5 inches -- 90th percentile
Weight: 12lbs, 14 oz -- 75th percentile
Head: Big like Henry's

Our lil' Hope is a big, beautiful girl!

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Joy of Two

A coupla Henry funnies:
*Recently when I asked Henry if he was ready for supper, he responded affirmatively with, "Yeah, Babe!" (Hmmmm, Momma Shannon and Momma Diana take note)

*Watched Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang recently? Just come to our house -- Henry is obsessed with it and demands regularly that Shannon and I sing the songs from it to him. He is especially fond of our remake of "Truly Scrumptious" in which we sing "Henry scrumptious, he's very, very scrumptious..." and then proceed, with Henry's guidance, to sing about all family members, friends, pets, modes of transportation...this morning I found myself singing, "Spiders and flies are truly, truly scrumptious..." Whoa.

*Henry, now two, is long-sinced weaned, but the other morning he was watching me breastfeed Hope and he asked me for a drink. I told him, "No, this is a special drink; not for Henry," to which he replied, "Oh, like beer?" Exactly.

Last Ventures

Huge much going on both in our family life and in our nation. Here's an update for all of you, like me, who are fiercely avoiding looking at our investment portfolio and need a welcome distraction as you await tonight's debate. Can you believe this is all really happening? I heard today that Barak is moving ahead in the polls in the swing states -- thank goodness. Now, onto the update:
First things first, Happy Rosh Hashana -- may the New Year bring change of which we can be proud, health and blessings to you and your families.
Secondly, Shannon, Purple Grandma, Henry and Hope and I ventured out to Seattle and Lopez Island for a pre-return-to-work visit. While fast and furious as always, the trip reminded us of how wonderful our friends are in Seattle, how much we miss them desperately AND how beautiful Sandpoint is. We marveled at the landscape coming back over the Long Bridge and vowed to stay present in our appreciation of this beautiful and calm place for as long as we are here.
Trip highlights included the fixing of the yurt skylight dome, Henry getting to ride the Kubota excavator, Holly B's bakery treats, an evening of political back-n-forth with our friends Cass and Lynn, a morning on the Puget Sound Stand Up Paddle Surfing with Cass (yep, it was just that cool of a trip...check out these sites for some insight -- and, a fabulous evening of friends at Tammy and Lisa's house and beautiful, beautiful late September weather.
Here are a few good shots of Henry in large truck bliss:

Lastly, I am back to work on Monday, full of all the expected ambivalence. Hope is growing steadily and we have just begun settling into routines. I anticipate the range of emotions - longing, guilt, relief, gratitude...all things. It is often said, but bears repeating: Time flies, enjoy every moment, stay present. Ahhh, my heart just opened and tears are pushing from behind my eyes, How I do love this little girl!