Friday, December 25, 2009

Holiday Note

Many happy blessings to all of our loved ones around the globe! Life is happy on our end -- the decent into darkness now past, we are moving into the light with pleasure! Lots of visitors to come in 2010 and Mexico in February. There is much for which to be grateful.

Current considerations: Keeping our jobs, keeping up with Henry and Hope, keeping the house a semblance of clean, keeping the vision of The Selkirk Group alive, keeping learning, keeping the love of marriage as front of mind as that of parenting, keeping connected on Facebook, keeping the heart open and the mind focused...

Monday, December 07, 2009

Celebrating the 80's Way

80's mayhem ensued in celebration of our friend Dave's 40th birthday. We rocked the house to "oldies," nostalgia taking firm hold of our hearts and hips -- so much fun to see people's alteregos emerge! Much hair and many gloves worn...ahhh, former fashion faux pas... This was certainly one of my more memorable moments in Sandpoint to date!