Monday, April 24, 2006

Considering Simple Pleasures with Family

"If you want to know who we are...we are gentlemen of Japan..." or so goes the opening to The Mikado which we had the pleasure of seeing Friday night with Deb, Jack and Noah at our local theater, The Panida. The Royal Carl Rosa Opera from London was in town and performed a fine rendition! For those who don't know, The Mikado has been a favorite of the Gore girls since we were young, as Deb made her theatrical debut as Katisha as a mere 8th grader! We've loved the show ever since -- especially its background set for the hilarious Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn film "Foul Play." If you haven't seen it, it is a must!

Shannon and I hosted Deb and the boys for a slumber party at the house and then SEB and I got Jack and Noah for the morning while Deb made her way early back to Spokane. Despite protestations, we got the boys into the woods with Java for a walk and explored many "amazing natural delights!" Colorful and odd-shaped lichens, shelf fungi, varieties of animal poop, pine cones of all shapes and sizes, prints from many was delightul and educational for us all. The boys even admitted later in the day that the walk "was not all that borning..."

Sunday, Jack and I spent playing at Riverfront Park in Spokane riding the rides, while Shannon went to teach and Deb and Noah flew to SF. It was a glorious day -- sun high in the sky and bright light making everything seem fresh and alive! Jack's favorite new trick is to reach around my belly as he hugs me to see if his fingers will still touch...for now, we're still in reach -- I imagine soon this may not be the case.

Monday brings us back to work, but with plans ahead for another weekend trip to Seattle and a week of work for me in Portland...if this sun keeps shining, I can't think of anything that could get our spirits down.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Seattle Visit

Gotta love "going back home!" Shannon and I had a wonderful trip recently going back to Seattle and hangin' with the gang in the Emerald City. We got to attend one famous "Fairy Princess Party" for now 4-year old Chapel and had a splendid crepe feast with the galz.

Friendly Considerations

One of the best things about leaving the city and moving to the country is that when friends come over for dinner, they usually spend the night, or the weekend, or even the whole week! We've had such amazing time with visitors of late from across the country -- Seattle to NYC!!! Build a guest room and they shall come!

Our time with guests has included skiing, eating splendid meals, wine tasting (ok, just a sip for me and the kid!), backwoods walks, bird watching (yes, we have a resident red-naped sapsucker!), a lovely Passover seder, deep intellectualizing about the politics of food production, adventures to Nelson, B.C. and many, many episodes of Six Feet Under! Life just really does not get any better than this!

Julie and Andrea left today -- but our time together was the stuff of which memories are made! Their beautiful spirits and gracious houseguestworthiness has us already wishing they were on their way back for another visit!

Considering The Growing Belly

OK, OK...we hear you! You want to see this belly and we have finally gotten around to taking some photos. The latest news from the medical realm is that all inside is great (size, weight, activity level) -- I passed my glucose test, so I am still able to eat my daily rations of bad candy, yet anemia seems to be the current battle. Try as I may to get those levels up...spinach, steak, prunes...I am still deficient. Alas, I am going to try liquid iron and see if the cells soak it up better.

I may have even grown since the time these photos were taken earlier in the week...but you can get a sense of the girth! Yikes! And still, 2.5 months to go!!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Light Considerations

Daylight savings...that which I loathe in Fall comes today to open arms bringing early morning light into the bedroom, stirring me fully awake at 6:04am, ready to take on a new day. Light seems needed of late as both horomones and work stress have me rather moody and disquieted. I am back to perseverations on the value of one's work and how we make a difference in this lifetime -- considering how to explain to this little one growing inside that s/he must find the path to contentment and satisfaction on his/her own...not alone...but ultimately of his/her own actions and choosing. Moments stuck in the quagmire of my own mind pain both Shannon and me, though she handles it like a champ. I want to chalk it all up to pregnancy but know this is a crutch too easily afforded. The light does bring a certain amount of shift and perspective -- and at the hardest moments -- simple brightness to see my own shadow on the ground so I can marvel(and laugh) at the shape I am becoming -- big-bellied and all.

Lighter considerations...

Chanced upon 2 treasures this week!

Treasure #1: A co-worker sold me her fabulous Nikon Venturer binoculars for a mere $25 so I can begin in earnest to be a bird watcher. I have recently identified in the handy Peterson's Field Guide:
The Western Chickadee
Grouse -- either Blue or Spruce (still too novice to tell)
Bald eaglers (don't need a book for this one!)
The Belted Kingfisher

My love for hiking with Java poses some challenge to any birdwatching expertise I hope to achieve, as his presence is usually unwelcomed by the winged ones...even if he only has three legs. But as Spring comes closer, the birds are more plentiful around the house and down by the preserve -- so I am hoping to at least meet our locals.

Treasure #2 was finding out that the old guitar I have been carting around the country for years (which had been stored in my parents' garage for decades -- I believe it was Deb's first musical instrument?) can not only be re-strung, but is worth being re-strung according to the local music store owner, as it is a really fine instrument and perfect as a learning tool! I have decided that since Shannon is such a virtuoso on the piano, I need to at least attempt a bit of musical aptitude so that we can play as a family! So starting in April, I am going to be taking guitar lessons from a friend who guides hunters in the Fall/Winter and teaches guitar and does construction in the Spring/Summer. I am eager to learn and hope the sounds settle into the womb nicely for the kid's easy listening.

Recent enjoyments:
A fabulous weekend in Seattle with friends -- celebrating birthdays, taking long walks in the park, downtime just talking and being.

The World's Fastest Indian -- a film with Anthony Hopkins about achieving a life-long goal and all that it takes to do so.

Sight Hound -- a novel by Pam Houston about love and friendship and a three-legged dog.

Buddy Barnes' 65th birthday celebration -- low key family occaision but filled with love.

Now, off again to walk in the light...