Friday, December 29, 2006

The Good Stuff of Life

Does it get any cuter than this?

Happy Holidays!

Many blessings to all our friends and family for the holidays! This year, amidst many gifts of leisure, we also gave and received special items from Heifer International. I got a stand of trees, Shannon got a goat...just one way we are trying to participate in our global community. You can check out their offerings at

A happy New Year to you all!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Considering Carrots

Henry: "I love them carrots!"
Peep: "Hey, what about me?"

Hanukkah Considerations

Once again, we turn to haiku as we celebrate the festive season of holidays. Many joined us at our house this weekend for a Hanukkah celebration and those inspired wrote the following Holiday Haiku:

As Java looks on
Huck makes tiny snow angels
Winter in Sandpoint

White blankets Lost Horse
Autumn’s last tendrils now gone
Sleep softly, young prince

We ate some goodies
We learned about Hanukkah
We had so much fun!

Happy Holidays
A time for merriment bright
Light the menorah!

Magdalena comes
Like snowflake, unique she is
Spits up on mom!?!

Winter comes quickly.
Nothing can prepare you for
A moose in the road.

As home fires burn
Hands and hearts warm at the hearth
Friends make the season

Huckleberry shots
At a Hanukkah party
Lift you off your feet

Dark comes early now
It’s Henry’s first Hanukkah
Light the menorah!

Monday, December 11, 2006

Considering Mary Cheney

So Mary's gonna have a baby...well, perhaps karma is indeed in play! Bad enough he had to go through life with the name Dick -- now his lovely daughter is going to have a kid and two mommies...just like Henry!!! And just when we thought our fight for adoption here in Idaho was a challenge, PFLAG posted some comments from the "Right" to really make our day:

"I think it's tragic that a child has been conceived
with the express purpose of denying it a father...
Fatherhood is important and always will be, so if
Mary and her partner indicate that that is a trivial
matter, they're shortchanging this child from the
start Mary and Heather can believe what they want,
but what they're seeking is to force others to bless
their nonmarital relationship as marriage...and to
create a culture that is based on sexual anarchy
instead of marriage and family values." (Robert Knight, Culture and
Media Institute of the Media Research Center)

"Mary Cheney's pregnancy raises the question of
what's best for children. Just because it's possible to
conceive a child outside of the relationship of a
married mother and father doesn't mean it's the best
for the child." (Carrie Gordon Earll, Focus on the Family)

Mary's pregnancy is an "in-your-face" action
countering the Bush Administration's pro-family, pro-
marriage and pro-life policies. She continues to
repudiate the work to which her father has devoted
his life. Mary has repeatedly said that "studies" show
that children only need a loving home. Her statement
is incomplete because the experts agree that for the
well-being of children, they desperately need a
married father and a mother. (Janice Crouse,
Concerned Women for America)

"But children are not guinea pigs to be used in
social experiments in redefining the institution of
marriage. They are vulnerable individuals with vital
emotional and developmental needs. The great harm
done by denying them both a mother and a father in
a committed marriage will not easily be reversed, and
society will pay a grievous price for its ill-advised
adventurism." (Former Alabama Chief Justice
Roy Moore)

Obviously, we're saddened at the spectacle of
the Vice President's daughter, Mary Cheney, living in
an open lesbian relationship, and now bringing a child
into a home that is fatherless by design. In our view,
this is another case of the "gay" movement putting
its wants (in this case, having a child) above what's
best for children. "Two mommies" or "two daddies"
will never substitute for a home with a married mom
and a dad, and it is sad when men or women model
immoral homosexual behavior before innocent children
in a home setting. (Peter LaBarbera,
President, Americans for Truth)

AND THEY CALL THEM THE "RIGHT???" Oh, the work we have to do!

Messy Considerations

Henry has taken to eating peas...he loves them! And we love enjoying his messy little self and the aftermath! Whether or not they are the culprit, he has been sleeping 9-10 hour nights ever since we started solid foods -- my how this makes his moms happy!!!