Monday, April 30, 2007

Considering People Over Time

Old friends, dear friends...25 years later!

California Dreaming

Henry and I are in California for the 50th Anniversary of Marin Country Day School and my 25th reunion of 8th grade! Many are surprised that 8th grade would be worth celebrating, yet MCDS was really a family -- and the reunion proved to be just that! So wonderful to see everyone and their lil' ones! I feel so fortunate to have been afforded such an environment for my formative years -- 25 years later, it is much the same, only more gardens and greenery!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Loving Moments

Cute Boy Walking!

Life's about to get interesting, eh? This little one is on the move!

The Growing Family

Shannon admiring Deb's growing belly
The lovely event
WOW! A beautiful quilt!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Higher and Higher

Henry has taken to the backpack so Shannon and I are trying to get out and high above as much as possible. This past weekend we ventured up Gold Hill with our new friend Scott and then took to the steeper terrain on Sunday up Mickinick Trail. The change of scenery was welcome for everyone -- and our legs are stronger for it!

Every day we seem to love this little guy more -- this falling in love process is certainly taking us both by surprise again and again!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Considering Henry at 9 Months

Eating his first matzoh ball from his auntie Deb, loving bath time, talking up a storm (even to the plants), pulling up on everything (and walking any day now...) -- Henry is simply a wonder to behold!

Spring Considerations

On our recent trip to Seattle, we enjoyed time with friends, flowers and the beauty of the Emerald City. Henry loved seeing all his aunties and cousins and his moms loved being surrounded by our loving friends!
Henry flashing his big smile!
Tammy gettin' some nugglin'
Henry has taken to eating everything in his path!
Di and Hen enjoy a moment.
Purple Grandma's gang.
Fairy kisses in the flowers!
Great time with Lara & Melissa (Henry got his first matchbox car and LOVES it!)