Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Bearing Witness

6am Saturday morning...Shannon and I are both in dreamscape when we heard the garbage cans being dragged over the gravel driveway. At first I could not understand why our house guest Felix was taking the garbage out so early in the morning...yet then Shannon exclaimed, "Di! There are bears in our trash cans!" And sure enough, we had visitors.

I ran downstairs, camera in hand, to capture a few choice shots. While I think my big bare-bellied body scared them off...I did manage to get a few.

What cuddly creatures they appear to be, eh?

Bellyfull Belly!


Cruising Considerations on Lake Pend Oreille

Our great friend Pam bought a boat lately which we lovingly call "Flaquita!" She is a 1965 cruiser boat -- vintage fun for all! Solstice we took her on a maiden voyage with friends Jan and Paula, enjoying high skies and light late into the evening. On the way we did some "fishing" and got the "catch of the night" -- a 180 lb. Jan-fish, hooking him right on the behind!

We took Flaquita out again just days later to explore the Pend Oreille River en route to the new Willows Resort for supper. A magnificent evening of nature, water, great food and belly-aching laughter! Thank goodness for our friend Timmy who was able to navigate us home in the dark...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bump Watch

We're still growing! 3 more weeks until we get to meet little "H" and the anticipation is mounting! With hope, I will be able to fit into my few clothing options all the way until delivery!!!

Considering "Turklets"

In Northern Idaho, one should not be surprised to come home to Mama Turkey and her 7 little turklets...

Feline Gourmet Considerations

Sweet love that she is, Shannon decided to make supper for me on Sunday night -- so while I put my feet up and rested, she prepped the veggies, seasoned the steaks and got the grill humming! It was lovely outside, so she set the table on the patio -- everything was just perfect!

She called to me upstairs, letting me know that supper would be served in "just one minute..." and just then, I heard a scream! I ran downstairs to see what happened and much to our surprise, Sam, the cat, had helped out with the appetizers...

Oh, he is a sly little one!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Human Rights Considerations, among other things...

Shannon and I were asked to join the Bonner County Human Rights Commission Board. I attended my first meeting on Monday night -- nice folks doing good work. We figure the 2 out lesbians, one a Jew, with their fatherless kid and 3-legged dog was enough to make us the poster children of "all things diverse" in Sandpoint. The group was originally founded in reponse to the Aryan Nation activity in the area and are now working on issues such as:
Opposing Conservative Christian Right candidates
Supporting Conflict Resolution Programs in the County schools
Speaking out against recent events of toture in Iraq
Promoting educational forums on diversity

We will all march in the July 4th parade and support the recently established Gay Student Alliance at the local highschool. Time to stand up and be counted!

While a bit out of date (but soon to be worked on...) - more information can be found at