Monday, October 24, 2005

Considering the Why

Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did Shannon and Diana decide to move to Sandpoint, ID in the first place? What is there that is so cool?" Well, I thought you might want to consider this link and check out our local lore.

Ready to come join us?

Considering Fall Images

Friday, October 21, 2005

Considering Lo Cotidiano

Too much time has passed since my last post -- it feels like this is the state of things here in Idaho...busy, busy days and many things yet to accomplish. For those seeking an update on "lo cotidiano" or the "dailiness" of our lives here, I will provide a brief recap: Shannon has been traveling like a fiend -- Tully's has her flying region to region to set up new store locations and train the staff. When she is home, she is fighting dial-up internet and enjoying the funky new Spock-like headset that becomes afixed to her ear until at last I pry it off so that we can put our work days to rest. My schedule is no better. I am working quite steadily on Coldwater Creek's new Manager In-Store Training Series, traveling to the Colorado market to observe the stores' Holiday meetings and am being challenged to put together my 2006 budget in tiny numbers on a huge spreadsheet (this, my friends, is not one of my skill sets!)

We are still finding time for play -- most of it centered on family recently. Momma Linda came for a long weekend and we took her on a car ride through beautiful scenery in nearby Montana (see photo). We also had Deb and the boys come up from Spokane ~ Noah has mastered his unicycle with fine finesse and Jack is reciting memorized poetry right from the heart! We have been down to see Marilyn at the big purple house and she has graciously welcomed Java into her home as if he were her own (she seems to delight, as most do, in observing Java watching t.v. and chasing shadows through her den!)

I have been enjoying the fall colors set in. The 6pm light casts a glorious glow on the yellows of the birch and aspen. The air has the crispness of a changing season in it ~ nice to feel against my skin on morning Java walks up the hill behind our home.

Things we are looking forward to:
Using our new Schweitzer season ski passes, our trip with the Barnes' to Maui for Thanksgiving, the first big snow, possible babymaking, Christmas and Hannukah with Deb, Ed, Jack and Noah, and a fantabulous week in Oaxaca celebrating the New Year with our dear friends Lara and Melissa! We have so much to be grateful for!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Considering Montage

I discovered a new photography program that is keeping me busy while Shannon is away. Fall colors go particularly well together, I think.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Movie Star Considerations

OK, so perhaps "movie star" is taking it a bit too far -- but I filmed my first two scenes for the film being produced right here in Sandpoint (Famous film guy comes into town, holds auditions for any local talent, works super low budget to re-create "Laugh In"-like comedy vignettes...) The process was entertaining in and of itself. The scenes we shot were of the "Fix-It Wife and her "I'd rather be at the bar" husband" and the "Jewish (but don't say this out loud) Mother and her "I have finally found the girl I want to marry" son". Shannon was a superstar and helped me rehearse my lines over and over again -- unfortunately, I cannot say this was true of Joe, my scene husband, who seemed a bit overwhelmed by the lines (perhaps he'd already had a few drinks that morning?). We ended up needing to shoot 18(!) takes of the Fix-It Wife scene -- of which my favorite line is "Heellllloooo! Do you see Betty Crocker written across my forehead? I don't think so!"

In the next scene we shoot, I will be a school principal -- go figure, a wife, a mother, a principal...I guess that is why they call this "acting!"

The film should be edited and ready by spring 2006 and will play at our local film house, The Panida Theater. I am sure there are tickets left, but you may want to buy early... ;-)