Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Six Weeks and Growing

Hope is changing -- she is growing, getting long and filling out. Her eyes are bright and when she is in the mood, she'll delight you with a big smile! She did really well on her first airplane ride to California, which was a relief for both moms. We'd still like it if she slept for longer periods at night and would enjoy a bit of alone time during the day (she likes to be held all day!), but she's just about as cute as one could imagine. And yes, that is a pink dress she is wearing!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Delight

Discovering the Pit

While in California, Linda took Henry and the rest of us to the Discovery Museum underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a toddler fantasy land, complete with gravel pit, pirate ship and train yard. Here Henry is delighting in a lesson on union labor.

Here Come the Brides

Almost two years ago, Shannon and I celebrated our life commitment to each other amidst friends and family in Sandpoint. It was an amazing event, filled with enduring memories. This past weekend, we reconfirmed our vows and made legal history by becoming one of the many lesbian couples to formally wed under current California state law. Judge Michael Berger presided at a small ceremony in Sausalito, at which our kids, my parents Bud Gore and Linda Gore and my stepbrother David were present. It was wonderful to look once again into Shannon's eyes and say "I do."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Mommahood Update

Notes from the couch...all is well in breastfeeding land. Jed Bartlett is about to end his 8-year term as President and Hope and I are rooting for Matt Santos as the next Democratic leader of the free world...(my how art imitates life, eh?)

I've been musing a bit about post-partum depression and realize that I am not depressed, but just another extroverted, go-getting, 40-year old mom who is having transition anxiety spending so much time alone with a cutie-pie infant feeling like the days go by and I have nothing to show for them. A post or two here on the blog feels like a huge accomplishment on the days I can actually get here...When we get outside for a walk it is a banner day -- yesterday even found us at the *gulp* scrapbooking store where despite Hope's howels of hunger and disapproval, I bought her and Henry scrapbooks (wh0 knows where I will find the time to put anyting in them!) A few good talks with friends and family and I have begun to let go of some of the shame I feel around my lack of post-partum baby bliss...don't get me wrong, Hope is a wonder and when she looks at me with her wide-eyes, I want nothing else but to have her right in my arms...alas, the contradictions...the letting go...the surrender. Not many moms seems to talk about this part -- so here's to a bit of silence-breaking.

Concerts at the Festival at Sandpoint resume tonight -- this week we will see the Waifs, the Bodeans, Ziggy Marley and Wynonna Judd. Then on Sunday, the whole family packs up to head to Marin County, CA to spend time in the old homestead. Amidst everything, Shannon and I have decided to take California up on its offer to lend legal credibility to our union and we are getting MARRIED! August 23rd we will wed in Sausalito, with a few family members in attendance. The judge and his partner (read: wife) will officiate and Shannon and I have agreed they can use the term "wife" (a term I have heretofore been pretty lukewarm about) in the ceremony. We will also re-affirm our vows from our commitment ceremony and break a glass in the old Jewish tradition. Should be memorable in so many ways.

Alas, Hope is calling for another round on the couch...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Out on the Lake

Finally, summer found us on the lake. This weekend was the annual Buddy-n-Bonnie family fest at the Priest Lake cabin, a delightful getaway just about an hour northwest of Sandpoint. The theme of the weekend was, kids everywhere! The highlight was the party-barge boat ride enjoyed by all, even Hope (who gratefully slept most of the ride!)

Check out Henry in his new glasses!!!

One Month Old

Hope and I are enjoying a quiet afternoon together celebrating her being one month how time flies.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Growing Considerations

Turns out we are all growing of late...Hope is just shy of 9 lbs today, Momma Shannon is enjoying the recognition from a well-deserved promotion to Director of Organization Change Management, and I am learning a bit about myself related to the deepening love for a child, the vicissitudes of motherhood and an admission of post-partum anger. All this, combined with a wonderful visit from our friends Cass and Lynn made for quite a weekend!

I'm thinking of starting a new blog focused on motherhood -- considerations, musings, truth-telling, myth-busting...a place to break the conspiracy of silence about the challenges of losing one's identity while gaining a whole new one; to reflect on how to keep one's primary partnership safe and healthy while turning the attention so myopically onto the next generation; a place of honest exchange to break a breast-feeding mother's isolation. I have not done a search yet on other mothers' blogs to see what currently exists, for I am sure there are perhaps this is the place to begin. Ah, if only we had hig-speed internet.