Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Save the Trees, Please!

With news from around the world being as troubling as it is, it feels like slight hyperbole to "rage" against what is happening right in our own Sunnyside neighborhood...alas, trees are being removed systematically without any public hearing or community input and it is quite troubling. Here is a brief note sent today to our County Commissioners -- if anyone else wants to weigh in in support of green, here is a link to their office: http://www.co.bonner.id.us/

Good Morning,

I understand from my brief conversation with Commissioner Rich that there will be time on today’s meeting agenda for public sentiment to be shared regarding issues facing our county. While sadly I cannot be there in person due to work obligations, I would like to voice my strong opposition to the devastation which the Sunnyside neighborhood has wrought over the past week. The multitude of trees which have been systematically downed is startling. Where once a beautiful stand of aspen lined the road, bringing shade to walkers and homes to birds and other animals, there is now NOTHING. The barrenness literally brought tears to my eyes last night coming home.

Even more infuriating are the older pines which are situated on the Petersen’s property with large pink circles awaiting their demise. These trees have been on this property since the time the Petersens bought it many years ago. Due to illness and age, the Petersens themselves cannot fight to save these trees, so I am imploring you to STOP action on removing these living beings – they are not only part of the unique nature of our community, they sit in fragile waterways which house many, many species of wildlife.

Commissioners, I ask that you please take a few moments out of your day today and drive to Sunnyside Rd. See for yourselves how barren it looks and how many other trees are marked for removal. Please consider how sacred our habitat is – how vital these trees are not only to the historic beauty of the area, but to the survival of the many birds and animals that use these trees for food and shelter. Just this spring I watched for quite some time a spirited pileated woodpecker playing in the same set of aspen trees which I described above – sadly, this will never again be possible.

I understand the unique challenges you face as Commissioners trying to mediate between the needs of many different constituents. I understand at times you must make very difficult and unpopular decisions. Today, on this matter, I ask that you side with the citizens of our county, with the residents of Sunnyside, with the trees and the animals who live among us.

Thank you very much.

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