Monday, August 24, 2009

an angry day...transforming

i had/am having an angry day today. admittedly, i did not get much sleep last night and what i did get was nyquil induced due to a nagging chest cold... but i feel unable to shake it and the events of the day have not helped. they are back to cutting our trees down -- despite rumors that our petition worked, the county is back at their hack job cutting our beautiful stands of aspens and firs, just in advance of their prime come fall when the colors rock my world! it is not just that they are cutting innocent and lovely trees -- it is that they are doing it terribly, leaving scarred remains and closing the road at the most inconvenient hours without any warning to the residents. i was so angry at them this morning that i took "shame" photos (see above). I sent them on to the head of roads and bridges for consideration.
at work today i encountered equally frustrating examples of people not being accountable and making excuses. this irks me more than anything. i mean, human beings are flawed and make big mistakes...but the greatest human travesty is the inability to take ownership of this and be responsible for one's own stupidity. i mean, come on! uurrrgggg.
so now I am off to home -- the kids will be sad because our friends anne and shelli have left -- they came for a too-short, but wonderful visit during which time we went on a great hike high into the cabinet mountain wilderness. henry hiked 3 of the 6 miles!!!! it was incredible -- and the huckleberries were to die for! so, yeah, not all is bad in these here parts. even just thinking about yesterday's adventure (on shannon and my first "married" anniversary) already has me a bit brighter...

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