Wednesday, January 06, 2010

A Bit About Henry & Hope

We recently found a new babysitter for our kids -- she is a wonderful young woman, daughter of a friend. I sent her the following about H & H -- Shannon thought this was blog-worthy...

Here are a few things you may want to know about Henry and Hope:

1. Henry loves anything that is or can be used as a car/truck/ambulance/robot/sword/vehicle – he is less the “sit and do puzzles” kind of kid, though in the right mood, he can be convinced. He likes to dance, move, run around, wrestle and be tickled. He likes to have his hands on things and in things (water, cookie dough, paint).

2. Hope loves LOVE. She is a cuddle bug. She may be a little shy at first, but once she warms up, she likes to be close, sitting on laps, giving hugs, etc. Hope likes to play with anything that Henry is currently playing with – sometimes this will create a bit of turmoil…but Henry knows he has to share and it is also fine to tell Hope “No, that is Henry’s.”

3. Both kids may be a bit standoffish at first – they connect deeply with people, so new folks always require a time or two when the mommas are not around. Don’t take this personally! Toys, games, activity are great ways to “bring them in.”

4. No food allergies – both like to eat and both are hearty enough that if they choose not to eat, there are no worries.

5. Henry is now potty trained (thank goodness!) but Hope will still be in diapers (sorry.)
Both still take naps – they like warm milk pre-nap – we will bring sippy cups and things. If they refuse to sleep, no worries.

6. Both like to be read to, though Hope will wiggle around

7. We are fine with you setting appropriate boundaries and limits with both kids. They know what it means to share, be gentle and treat others with respect – if they are not doing these things, please tell them and put Henry in a “time out” if necessary. Usually this means taking the toy away or letting him be by himself for a few minutes to think about his negative behavior. We always make him apologize if he has hurt someone.

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Pam said...

Congrats on potty training. Please share tips! LOL :)