Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dear Friends

We have enjoyed such wonderful visits from friends this January -- starting with the ringing in of 2010 with Cass & Lynn, followed by a double-header of football and Brandi Carlisle with Tammy & Lisa and completing the trifecta with creative and connecting time with Lara & Melissa (photos above). How fortunate we are to have such amazing friends in our lives!
It is interesting, too, to have our family "witnessed" weekend over weekend. Everyone was so generous with our whole family, enjoying our chaos, our kids, our routines. I can only imagine we look like a whirlwind of action and activity relative to their more measured days...this to say nothing of their lives, but in reflection of our own...I feel like we lack quiet, calm and rest -- someday, perhaps, this too will be present.

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Melissa said...

yesterday morning when the sunlight was shining and the air was crisp, I stepped out in the back yard to breath in some of the outdoor winter beauty and the experience the quiet of Sandpoint. Henry came out and joined me, asking, "what are you doing?" I answered, "I am feeling this peace." Henry asked me what is peace and I tried to explain. It's a calm quiet feeling. It's when you breath and feel calm. I invited Henry to take a breath and think about it. I asked him to listen to the quiet. "Did you feel that, Henry?" "Yes," he said. Ask him ... what is peace and see what he says. Thanks for a lovely, lively visit.