Monday, April 24, 2006

Considering Simple Pleasures with Family

"If you want to know who we are...we are gentlemen of Japan..." or so goes the opening to The Mikado which we had the pleasure of seeing Friday night with Deb, Jack and Noah at our local theater, The Panida. The Royal Carl Rosa Opera from London was in town and performed a fine rendition! For those who don't know, The Mikado has been a favorite of the Gore girls since we were young, as Deb made her theatrical debut as Katisha as a mere 8th grader! We've loved the show ever since -- especially its background set for the hilarious Chevy Chase/Goldie Hawn film "Foul Play." If you haven't seen it, it is a must!

Shannon and I hosted Deb and the boys for a slumber party at the house and then SEB and I got Jack and Noah for the morning while Deb made her way early back to Spokane. Despite protestations, we got the boys into the woods with Java for a walk and explored many "amazing natural delights!" Colorful and odd-shaped lichens, shelf fungi, varieties of animal poop, pine cones of all shapes and sizes, prints from many was delightul and educational for us all. The boys even admitted later in the day that the walk "was not all that borning..."

Sunday, Jack and I spent playing at Riverfront Park in Spokane riding the rides, while Shannon went to teach and Deb and Noah flew to SF. It was a glorious day -- sun high in the sky and bright light making everything seem fresh and alive! Jack's favorite new trick is to reach around my belly as he hugs me to see if his fingers will still touch...for now, we're still in reach -- I imagine soon this may not be the case.

Monday brings us back to work, but with plans ahead for another weekend trip to Seattle and a week of work for me in Portland...if this sun keeps shining, I can't think of anything that could get our spirits down.

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