Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Friendly Considerations

One of the best things about leaving the city and moving to the country is that when friends come over for dinner, they usually spend the night, or the weekend, or even the whole week! We've had such amazing time with visitors of late from across the country -- Seattle to NYC!!! Build a guest room and they shall come!

Our time with guests has included skiing, eating splendid meals, wine tasting (ok, just a sip for me and the kid!), backwoods walks, bird watching (yes, we have a resident red-naped sapsucker!), a lovely Passover seder, deep intellectualizing about the politics of food production, adventures to Nelson, B.C. and many, many episodes of Six Feet Under! Life just really does not get any better than this!

Julie and Andrea left today -- but our time together was the stuff of which memories are made! Their beautiful spirits and gracious houseguestworthiness has us already wishing they were on their way back for another visit!

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