Monday, September 15, 2008

All Words and No Photos a Boring Blog Does Make...

I have the two kids home this the child ratio certainly adds a geometric expansion of the energy and activity around this house. I am stealing a few moments away to update the blog with a few recent events...can't be all politics and no cuteness...
Here's Hope smiling, now 9 weeks old!
Momma Shannon with Henry at swim class
Momma Di and Henry doing a tamdem!
The reality of only 3 more weeks of leave has me of mixed emotions! Hope and I really starting to find our stride -- alas, work bekons. Trying to take full advantage of this time, I have in fact begun the scrapbooking program...Hope's is now underway and Henry's is slated for this week. Creativity does make me feel more alive!

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Gordon said...

Hope is ADORABLE. Thanks for the photos