Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Celebrations Aplenty

It is just unbelieveable what can happen when Shannon plans a party and invites numerous amazing people to come and celebrate together for the weekend! Wow! We had a momentous belated celebration of my turning 40 this past weekend -- all arranged without my awareness of who would attend or what we'd be doing...suffice to say, it was PERFECT!

Dear, dear friends and family from Seattle & Spokane came over on Friday to begin the multi-day festivities, which included a pizza extravaganza, hiking into Roman Nose Lakes high in the Selkirks, a catered birthday bash on Saturday which included the outrageous surprise of Mel Watson (the only singer whose fan club I ever joined) and Jen Todd performing LIVE in our own backyard (!!!), a poetic roast of sorts, a party-barge pontoon boat ride, a cooler full of Brutal Bitter, lots of time discussing the Democratic Convention speeches, a hilarious evening of "exquisite corpse," getting to pass Hope around to her many, many aunties, Henry getting to play once again with his many, many aunties and so much more! It was spectacular! I feel full of so many blessings and the promise of such positive possibilty for my 4th decade.

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