Monday, June 04, 2007

Dog Days in Sandpoint

If the kid takes his paws to me
one more time
I may turn on him,
Though not in my nature
Enough is enough

First to endure incessant
Nail gun vibrations from the men
Downstairs installing wood floors
On which I slip every which way
(Have they no respect for the three-leggers?)

But then the heat, closing on 100
The flowers freshly planted this morning
already sun stroked
and she with curls unfettered now
crimson across the shoulders

I eye the rope they’ve set up for me on the porch
Think I’m stupid?
I take to shade under the workmens' truck
Just try to leave me here alone again

Wasps steadily building nests under
Each eve of the house
The buzz around my ears
As constant as the hum of the generators
When will this project be finished?

If only the two of them would
Return to the days of old
We’d be driving down the winding road
Headed for the open space in the trees
Through which I would run and leap
Into cool lake waters, swim toward birds
Always just one winged stroke
Out of my reach

If only they remembered
That I am the first born son
Once apple of their eyes
Hiking companion on the mountain
Cozy bedmate on long winter nights

But he’s here now
And their attentions stray
Every day’s a sing song of
Hoo-da-hoo’s and I Love You’s
Can’t say I blame him for
Taking it all for himself
The love they give is perfumed breeze
In the springtime, chocolate melting on the tongue,
Raspberry sorbet floated on champagne.

I’m willing to let change be
Willing to take one for the team
Just keep his grasping hands outta my fur
High-pitched squeals outta my ears
Make sure you don’t leave me
Sitting here all day alone, ‘cuz
Idle hands are the devil’s playground
Enough really is enough.

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