Friday, June 29, 2007

MLwN Day 2 - Considering Gratitude

Henry still has a fever today and so I am taking a PTO Friday. We're going to spend some quality time, healing and thinking postively. One thing I know for certain...I am POSITIVELY in love with being a mom! Henry is just such a wonderful little soul to be around.

Part of living MLwN is spending time focusing on those things for which I am grateful. I used to do a practice every morning of writing down 5 things I was grateful for in my life. As the saying goes, "That which you put light on, grows..." So, in the spirit of "sowing gratitude," here are today's Top Five:
  • Henry's smile, despite his fever
  • Shannon's enduring love and friendship as my partner
  • The opportunity to see Lara & Melissa & Julie & Andrea this weekend
  • The many beautiful green trees which surround our home
  • The efforts of so many people around the world toward good
Ahhhh, feels good.

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