Monday, June 04, 2007

Henry Update

New Adventures:
A ferry ride to Lopez Island
Sleeping in the yurt
Highway 20 over Washington Pass
Wet fun in Lake Pend Orielle
Crawling on Bamboo Floors
His amazing cousin Maggie Rose
New friends in Travis & Jori

New Foods:
Corn Tortillas
Linguine at the Bay Café
Strawberry sorbet
Sharp cheddar cheese
Asparagus from the grill
Swiss chard
Freeze-dried apples, berries and banana

New Words:
“Uh-oh” when he drops things
“Ba-by” when prompted
A whole lotta other jabbering we cannot yet understand

New Actions:
Cup clap, shoe clap, anything clap
High Five – only to Shannon
Walking with only one adult hand support
Dropping everything and expecting us to pick it up
Enthralled with "Peek-a-bo", especially the "bo" part!
Driving...well sort of...

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