Friday, October 17, 2008

Stream of Consciousness Considerations

Watched Oprah yesterday with Billie Jean and Gloria Steinem and I have spent this morning considering our foremothers– the impact of those who fought against slavery, for the right of women to vote, for equal pay and equal access. Thinking also about postmodern feminists who eschew gender distinctions all together, considering this binary just one more ploy by the patriarchal hegemony to maintain male dominance. Considering motherhood – wondering if we have really “progressed” to arrive at the place where I can put the kids in daycare all day only to serve the corporate agenda and ensure I have a paycheck which allows me to be the good American consumer my government wants me to be. It is all a bit confusing…how and where I place value and the choices I make.

Wish today’s thoughts were a bit simpler, like the joy in Henry’s face watching the garbage truck come up the street this morning or Hope’s wide grin at 4am when I pulled her into our bed. Craving a moment of mental simplicity – a breath to settle into.

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