Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Book

I just came back from watching a webinar on leadership from the Center for Creative Leadership and in it the speaker discussed commitment and accountability. He talked about that time-tested truth that once we state a goal and enlist others in support of helping us achieve our goals, we are more likely to get there...

So...without divulging too much (can't have anyone steal the idea yet), I wanted to write today about the book that I will begin working on as my 2009 personal goal. I took a first step yesterday toward this intention and asked a colleague if she would be interested/willing to collaborate with me on it and she said yes! So, henceforth...I ask my blog readership to continuously inquire, "So, Diana, how is the book going?" in order to keep me honest with my commitment.

In the meantime, I am looking for any and all insights folks have on the following:
  • How do I get a book published? (This one will be a manager's resource type book)
  • Does anyone know of a kickin' graphic designer who wants an interesting book project?
  • Could anyone share a story about the best or worst manager you ever had?

More on this project as it unfolds...

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LeaderVision said...

Now, there's a commitment, Diana. You're a wonderful writer and finally the rest of the world, outside of this blog, will be able to enjoy this talent.
Let's talk about the book; I may have something to offer on all three questions!