Thursday, October 02, 2008

Last Ventures

Huge much going on both in our family life and in our nation. Here's an update for all of you, like me, who are fiercely avoiding looking at our investment portfolio and need a welcome distraction as you await tonight's debate. Can you believe this is all really happening? I heard today that Barak is moving ahead in the polls in the swing states -- thank goodness. Now, onto the update:
First things first, Happy Rosh Hashana -- may the New Year bring change of which we can be proud, health and blessings to you and your families.
Secondly, Shannon, Purple Grandma, Henry and Hope and I ventured out to Seattle and Lopez Island for a pre-return-to-work visit. While fast and furious as always, the trip reminded us of how wonderful our friends are in Seattle, how much we miss them desperately AND how beautiful Sandpoint is. We marveled at the landscape coming back over the Long Bridge and vowed to stay present in our appreciation of this beautiful and calm place for as long as we are here.
Trip highlights included the fixing of the yurt skylight dome, Henry getting to ride the Kubota excavator, Holly B's bakery treats, an evening of political back-n-forth with our friends Cass and Lynn, a morning on the Puget Sound Stand Up Paddle Surfing with Cass (yep, it was just that cool of a trip...check out these sites for some insight -- and, a fabulous evening of friends at Tammy and Lisa's house and beautiful, beautiful late September weather.
Here are a few good shots of Henry in large truck bliss:

Lastly, I am back to work on Monday, full of all the expected ambivalence. Hope is growing steadily and we have just begun settling into routines. I anticipate the range of emotions - longing, guilt, relief, gratitude...all things. It is often said, but bears repeating: Time flies, enjoy every moment, stay present. Ahhh, my heart just opened and tears are pushing from behind my eyes, How I do love this little girl!

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