Saturday, October 11, 2008

Considering Harvests

With 3 pumpkins still on the vine and rhubarb not really worth the taking, the fall harvest is in. It was a pleasure having a garden this summer, despite our late start.  Buddy Barnes helped us get going with tomatoes and Shannon and I made a hasty & random selection of other starts to plant.  The results were satisfying indeed.  We had a plethora of diverse tomatoes all summer long, including prized yellow and red heirlooms and I got skilled in making salsa fresca from partially icky tomatoes and fresh jalapenos right off the plant.  A few lessons learned in the process:  cantalope and watermelon need to be planted much earlier, raccoons will find their way in even when you've tried to safeguard everything, and frost comes early in northern Idaho!

Another garden note for the season...we put out two bird feeders this year with oiled sunflower seeds and the birds in the vicinity went nuts!  In doing so, they spread the seed remnants all over the garden below and up sprung late-blooming sunflowers for all to enjoy.  I have noticed the bees getting particularly giddy at the sight of these big yellow wonders.  "Nice Teamwork," as Henry would say.  Indeed.

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mufflevski said...

I totally was going to call you today to see how your cantalope was coming along!!