Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Joy of Two

A coupla Henry funnies:
*Recently when I asked Henry if he was ready for supper, he responded affirmatively with, "Yeah, Babe!" (Hmmmm, Momma Shannon and Momma Diana take note)

*Watched Chitty, Chitty Bang Bang recently? Just come to our house -- Henry is obsessed with it and demands regularly that Shannon and I sing the songs from it to him. He is especially fond of our remake of "Truly Scrumptious" in which we sing "Henry scrumptious, he's very, very scrumptious..." and then proceed, with Henry's guidance, to sing about all family members, friends, pets, modes of transportation...this morning I found myself singing, "Spiders and flies are truly, truly scrumptious..." Whoa.

*Henry, now two, is long-sinced weaned, but the other morning he was watching me breastfeed Hope and he asked me for a drink. I told him, "No, this is a special drink; not for Henry," to which he replied, "Oh, like beer?" Exactly.


Gordon said...

You're beginning to understand how difficult it is for us to narrow it down to the "Top Ten" for our Christmas letter.

Nina said...

Hi there! I've finally caught up again on your blog, and have enjoyed the videos and insights and pics, just getting to tune in a bit to your lives there. Here's a blessing for your return to work <'> (That's what I've just made up to symbolize a heart).